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On this portal you can find information about the results of the “Communication in Slovene” project which is financed by European Social Fund and Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. The most important results are shown on the image above, you can access more detailed information about language resources, language technology applications and web portals by clicking on the relevant part of the image or choosing the item on the menu bar.

Web portals — on language guide web portals you will find user-friendy explanations of language problems that we all encounter when producing texts in standard Slovene.

Lexical data — databases were compiled containing information about Slovene lexis, in particular lexical database with semantic, syntactic, collocational and other data, and Slovene lexicon Sloleks where inflectional paradigms for more than 100,000 Slovene words can be found.

Text corpora — to find out how Slovene is actually written and spoken we collected extensive text corpora with written and transcribed spoken data. These databases can be explored online by using web concordancers developed on the basis of latest web searching experience and user-friendliness.

Language technologies and resources — we developed some of the basic language technology applications and resources needed for computer processing of text in the Slovene language. On the web pages programs can be tested or downloaded to be used off-line on your computer.